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Jennifer Lynn Interior Designs brings versatile and unique interior design to clients on the Florida southeast coast, who don’t want their home to be like everyone else’s. With a depth of experience working in construction and kitchen and bath projects, our collaborative team of diverse design voices knows how to learn who our clients are and effectively lead a project from concept to completion to create a one-of-a-kind home that accomplishes our clients’ dreams.

Our Commitment to our clients:

  • We are client-identity-driven, and we never think one-house-fits all.
  • We are cutting-edge, but never without elegance.
  • We are collaborative, and never claim the spotlight for ourselves.
  • We are professional, but never pretentious.
  • We are knowledgeable in all project phases, but never condescending.


Before we take the first dollar from a client, we want to understand who they really are, what they like, what they want, and what their vision for their future home is. We do not require project minimums, and would rather meet with a prospective client to discover their own unique identity than try to force a partnership that doesn’t fit their needs.

While we understand design trends, styles, and niches, we have never put ourselves or our work into a design box. We attract clients who don’t want the same old, same old and are willing to take a few creative risks on the spectrum of design boldness. You’ll never see any duplicate projects or recycled ideas from us, as we push ourselves to be as precise and unique as our clients’ needs.

We remain professional in every client and vendor interaction, leading the way with our expertise on client projects. But we want clients to feel like themselves, to build a relationship with us. We welcome clients to build their partnership with us as they are – real people with real preferences who want to create the home they love.

Beyond choosing beautiful fixtures or designing smart floor plans, our team has a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience in construction, kitchen and bath remodels, and technical vendor work when it comes to home renovations. We’ll work with our clients’ team of vendors and technical experts to make sure the bones of their home are as perfectly designed as the beautiful interior.

We know our projects flourish when each team member is given the opportunity to excel within their own strengths. No one carries the whole team, but rather, our collaborative design process and diverse set of designer voices allows us to meet a variety of client preferences and needs, both behind the scenes and in the front-facing design.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is to never design the same project twice. We believe that each home should be as unique as the person who lives within it. As the owner and principal designer of Jennifer Lynn Interior Design, I lead a team of versatile designers from our 2,000 square-foot Jupiter studio and showroom. We believe that clients should drive the aesthetic choices of their home and our team can execute their creative vision with knowledge and expertise. My interior design journey began at Kohler and the world of kitchen and bath fixtures, which attributes to my expertise in kitchen and bath remodeling and plumbing. I was inspired to use my depth of knowledge in home renovation and construction to provide a full-service experience of home redesign in founding my own studio. Our firm is anchored by a showroom, featuring high-end kitchen and bath appliances, furniture and fabrics, finishes and tile library, as well as a beautiful conference area and design offices. We invite our clients to touch the fabrics, sit on the sofas and simply get inspired. Originally from Chicago, my projects span South Florida to the Hamptons. We recently completed a unique project in Old Palm. It has a strong New York influence with a warm, modern approach and not a single coastal element. We always aim to create beautifully designed and elegantly edited spaces. We want to create a sense of breathability—that, while there are unique pieces and bold moments, the overall sense is that the room is balanced. Jennifer Lynn Interior Design is a full-service boutique design firm with deep expertise in bathroom and kitchen renovations and construction. Our multifaceted team works collaboratively on both residential and commercial projects with a mission to create beautiful interior spaces that complement our client’s personality and lifestyle.