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The Jennifer Lynn Interior Design Difference

We are skilled at all design styles. We do not have a specific look here at Jennifer Lynn Interior Design. We tailor the design to the client and not our personal inclinations. We can do everything from modern to traditional.


Who We Are

Drawing on a background in art, construction, and plumbing, Jennifer brings truly unique and functional spaces to life. A full-service boutique interior design firm that designs homes and commercial spaces from concept to completion all over the US. Our mission is to create beautiful interior spaces that complement our client’s personality and lifestyle. 


“Wonderful team! Not only was Jennifer a pleasure to work with, I found her design experience and ideas extremely helpful throughout my entire re-design process for my home. I will use her again for all other projects on my home moving forward!”

– Dina J.



Interior design is a very intimate endeavor that requires trust and a shared vision. We will work closely with you to create the space that fits your life and lifestyle.


Let us find the right service that fits your budget and your vision, and see it through from concept to completion. Whether it is large scale builds and remodels or online consultation on smaller scale projects, our number one goal is customer service and client satisfaction.


How Would You Describe Your Design Style?

We do not have a specific design style. Our style is your style and this is one of the main issues that many of our clients who have used other designers in the past have mentioned as being less than desirable. Other designers sometimes push their style onto their clients. At Jennifer Lynn Interior Design we bring your own personal style and desires to the forefront and set aside industry bias to ensure the end result is your design as much as ours. Check out what our other clients are saying by heading over to our Testimonials page.

What Should My Budget Be?

We actually have a tool that we use for every client to make sure we are on the right track when initially discussing a project. The tool is based off of a rough square footage cost that is derived from many previous projects that we have done in the past. Projects like the ones that are viewable on our Portfolio page are great examples of the type of projects that we have used to formulate this budget estimate tool to be as accurate as possible. So if you want an idea of what quality results cost, this tool is very helpful to help you establish your own realistic budget. If you are wanting our advice then please reach out to us via phone at 561-408-8030 today or go to our contact us form and fill out the information there so we can get you on our calendar to help you find a realistic budget.

What Is It That You Get With Us?

You get a complete and total interior design process that is well established and proven to take your dreams and turn them into reality. Whether you are looking to renovate or maybe add on, or perhaps even build new, we provide consulting services to help break down the overall concepts that you are wanting included into your home. We focus on getting the broad strokes of what you are envisioning by evaluating and probing into your lifestyle and personal style to ensure that we produce a design that will be beautiful and functional for you and your entire family.

How Are The Projects Managed?

We provide project management on all of our projects. We actually work closely with various different vendors and trades to ensure the integrity of your design comes out just like we planned it. Saving you headache and time through having already established working relationships with many of the professionals and companies that will be needed throughout the process from design and construction to furnishings and final touches.

How Does The Process Work?

There are three major phases that will occur on all projects that we work on. The first phase is our conceptual design phase where we get a 10,000 foot view of what you are wanting and the overall functionality details that matter most. We hold your hand through this process and there are many steps that we walk you through to get down to the nuts and bolts of the process. The second phase is the Detailed Design Phase. This phase is just like it sounds. We go deep into the details and come out with a plan to implement with contractors and vendors. Finally our last phase is to actually begin purchasing materials and furnishings as well as executing on the construction and installation of your design plan.

How Long Do Projects Take To Design?

We like to be ready for the purchasing and execurition phase after roughly four – five months leaving room for extra decision making time and lifestyle evaluation. Once the details are nailed down we are ready to begin purchasing matters and getting the actual construction process started but this phase can vary depending on supply of materials and contractor availability. We work with our vendors and contractors closely to minimize the amount of waiting work on your behalf through the process with each trade to make sure that your vision stays intact along the way. We find that this involvement allows us to prevent many of the change orders and “oops” types of mistakes that cost you extra time and money. We pride ourselves on proactivity and ensuring that your project finishes on time on budget.