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An Interview With Jennifer


Tell us a story about doing what you love in your company.

Recently we worked on a project for one of our repeat clients, and it was a home in South Hampton NY. This entire project was done over zoom and the phone. The builder couldn’t have been happier with us and our process for working on this home. He said that he has never had such a smooth, seamless design process for a home, and he couldn’t believe we had done everything remotely. The client was happy aswell, we made it very simple for her to select the materials in the order they needed to be selected. For example, we are not going to start selecting a sofa before we select her plumbing fixtures. This was a new build and there were certain details that we needed to select in the beginning to keep the builder going and not hold his process up. Overall, the project came out better than anticipated, and I got to visit the home when it was completed, and it was truly an impressive home and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.


How did you meet each of your designers?

As the company began to grow, we were able to add more designers. Arielle was the first designer to join the team. She replied to a post I had on indeed. During her interview I learned that she had worked for a designer in the past so it could be a good fit. She has become a wonderful addition to our team. She has a great personality and works really well with our clients. She jumps in and helps whenever needed and has a great eye for detail. Soon after this, Chrissy came along. She responded to a job ad and came in for an interview. She started on more of an administrative level as she was finishing up school. When she graduated, she was ready to move up and begin working on projects. She picked it up quickly. She loves the decor aspect of design, and I’m currently teaching her more on the construction training.


What were they doing before they came to Jennifer Lynn Interior Design?

I hired Chrissy when she was still attending design school and pursuing her second degree. She was working in the hospitality industry prior to joining Jennifer Lynn Interior Design. I feel her background in the hospitality industry really helps her navigate client interactions and her accommodating personality. Arielle was working for a local designer who had just closed her design business, and she was also in the hospitality industry. Felicia was our intern while she attended Palm Beach State University, pursuing her design in design. She was our intern, and then I hired her for a full time position as our technical designer. Elyse has a background in education and was previously working for a designer in the Orlando area and her family moved to the Jupiter area. Elyse was referred to me by another designer I know and she told me she would be perfect for the position.


When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

I did not know that I wanted to be a designer until I went to design school. This was about the time when HGTV was first getting popular and I watched the home makeover shows and really loved the process. I attended design school without having any idea what exactly interior design was. I was very fortunate to have that experience and being taught by Chicago’s best architects and designers. Furthermore, I feel I received a good understanding of the field through my college experience. When I graduated, I started working for Kohler right away and learned the world of bathroom design.


Tell a story about your inspirations

I gain inspiration from everything around me. I love experiencing new countries and cultures. Not only that, but I feel that it is very important in the design field to get out and learn more about the world. I love seeing the old historic buildings when I traveled to Spain and Portugal . It is amazing to see the tile intricacies and the way they designed buildings with tile as art. It really made me appreciate and learn to incorporate more tile details in my design. Also I traveled to Morocco and learned all about Moroccan hand made tiles and the way they use cactus silk to make pillows and rugs. The handmade tile is a long and tedious process, but the end result is truly one of a kind.


Tell Us About Your Unique Studio Space

We have a 3,000 sqft boutique showroom at 1420 S. Cypress Drive Suite 5 Jupiter FL 33469 . I wanted to have a space where we have a little bit of everything – exclusive tile, wallpaper, custom cabinetry, Hunter Douglas window treatments, lighting, and an assortment of fabrics and furniture. I wanted to showcase our preferred vendors that we have vetted. These are vendors that we have worked with a number of times and we are confident in their quality work. This always brings a great level of comfort to our clients as we are creating their designs and completing their work. I also wanted to have a place where we could do everything in one location rather than traveling around to 10 different locations to find the designs for your new build or renovation .

This is a tremendous time saver and energy saver. It’s amazing how worn out you can get by just driving around to multiple locations, getting in and out of the car, going into stores, meeting new salesmen and looking at all their products. It’s exhausting. This is what led to the idea of a design studio which has become our showroom. It has been a wonderful experience for our clients and a huge success. We just recently had a client come in and they didn’t know where to start on their project so they came in. We walked them through our studio and showed them our process. At the end of the meeting they were not stressed, they had saved a ton of time, they knew exactly what they wanted for their kitchen remodel and we were ready to get started! It was wonderful!


What are some of the major challenges that your clients have when they come to you with a project?

Most of our clients just don’t know where to start with their ideas and they don’t have the resources for someone to do the work and they don’t know where to look for all the materials like the cabinetry, flooring, countertops, windows and window treatments and lighting. It’s all very overwhelming for them and it can become very discouraging when they are actually trying to move from what they are dreaming of to what actually needs to get done. It’s always such a thrill to come along side them and be the one that provides what they need to bring those dreams into reality. That is another reason why I love what I do. It’s so fulfilling to walk someone through our proven process and help them with the answers they need and the direction they are looking for to get where they want to go.