Interior Designers Jupiter FL Once the designs we create for you to be with you and your family for generations. We want what is best for our clients and every possible realm we can make that happen in.We try and meet with everyone living in this space that we will create and get everyone’s ideas and vision and make sure all the designs are approved before we even start on creating your vision.

Interior Designers Jupiter FL has an incredibly skilled, talented, and very understanding team. We pride ourselves on being able to listen to the client and see their vision with them and then create this vision through our services. Our services such as window treatment, renovations, color palettes, tiles, carpet, and anything else you can think of. Do not be intimidated to book an appointment with this and not have any idea at all. you can bring pictures and we can work with the space you already have or if you just come with a want to change something.

As you can see Interior Designers Jupiter FL Knows how to design just based on their website. It is very organized and aesthetically pleasing. Everything is easy to find and there is a lot of thought put into it. An example of how we listen to our clients and work effectively is when we did a project that was in New York and the entire project was over zoom and through phone calls. The Builder said he couldn’t have been happier with us and how our process was seamless and smooth. He said the design process for the home was extremely elegant. He couldn’t believe we had done everything remotely from florida. Not only was the builder happy but the client was also very happy which is the most important. We made everything very simple from selecting her materials to the order of everything needed to be selected in. In conclusion, the project had the greatest success and came out better than anticipated. Jennifer personally visited the home when it was completed and it was truly impressive and she couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

I always say to give us a call first since it is by appointment only every day of the week except for Saturdays because we are closed. We want to make sure we are 100% prepared for you and don’t want to waste your time at all. We give our clients plenty of time for consultations and we want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible when getting to know us and getting to know your vision into reality. We will hear everything you have to say and then we go from there. We tell you our services and any options that match you to the best of our ability. Our entire process is designed around you and your life; from meetings to each step in the project.

Whether it be giving us a call at 561-408-8030 or searching, we are awaiting your call and booking. We cannot wait to work with you and hear all about your dreams and ideas for your soon-to-be house or your updated house!

Interior Designers Jupiter FL | Get Down With The Designers

Get to know Interior Designers Jupiter FL through our website! If you go to the contact us page on our website, you will see what is called an interview with jennifer. We really wish all of our clients would read this because it is basically a summary of Who We Are and what kind of people you’ll be working with. you will learn why Jennifer wanted to be a designer. She did not know until she went to design school and this was around the time that HGTV was getting traction and she watched the home makeover shows and the process. She then attended design school but no knowledge of what Interior Design actually was. She said she was very fortunate to have that experience and being taught by Chicago’s best designers and architects that she received an excellent understanding of the field through her college experience. She has a background and bathroom design. When she graduated from college she started working for Kohler. and then her career took off from there.

Interior Designers Jupiter FL loves inspiring stories! We gather our inspiration from everything. We love experiencing new cultures and countries and gather a ton of inspiration from travel. Not only inspiration but our team feels as it is very important in the design field to learn more about the world and really get out there. Inspiration can strike on our way to work or on a week-long vacation. Whatever we are doing we think of how we can incorporate certain aspects we see in everyday life to our designs.

The experience at Interior Designers Jupiter FL is top notch. Here at Jennifer Lynn interior design firm we want clients to visit us at our studio. The 2,000 square foot studio was created specifically to give clients a unique experience for their projects from our showroom that has fabrics, finishes and tile library, to high-end kitchen, and even a beautiful conference area and our design offices. We want our clients to interact with our space. to Simply get inspired by sitting on the sofas and chairs or touching the Fabrics. We want clients to have this hands-on experience that could make all the difference in our clients’ vision of what their spaces can become.

If you visit our website and are exploring, a great section to read about is the about us page. You can meet the whole team there from Jennifer, to Arielle, to Christine, to Felicia and Justin, and Olivia and Elyse. You can read everyone’s stories and get to know who you are working with from their background and experience to their Hobbies and personality. We are fully transparent and want a real connection with our clients to understand them better and make their design project to the best of our abilities.

Make that quick phone call to 561-408-8030 to set up an appointment today and there is if you would prefer to make a booking online. We are waiting for your call and are already excited to make your design dreams come true.