Interior Designers Jupiter FL are a community favorite. You can check out Jupiter magazine and Jennifer Lynn designs are almost always in there. Our work is about the client’s personality and lifestyle and we are a full-service boutique design firm who has expertise and understanding of the client and their needs. So why should you call us? it is exactly what I have said. Our work is created beautifully and elegantly for each client. we can do bold moments or just breathability in general. whatever you’re looking for, we can design it.

We at Interior Designers Jupiter FL bring innovation into the design space. Hey you got it you guys have a good week the owner and principal designer of Jennifer Len is originally from Chicago but most projects span South Florida to the hamptons. An example is a unique project: in Old Palm, it’s a strong New York influence using a warm and modern approach. it does not have a single Coastal element even though it is in Florida. it is about the client and what they want no matter where the location is. We not only work residential but also commercial projects. The mission for both is to create beautifully unique and elegantly edited interior spaces that complement each client and their vision.

We love how Interior Designers Jupiter FL services many things. We renovate a lot of existing homes as well. This can include kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, game rooms, powder rooms, anything you want to renovate or design from existing or from scratch, we are your people. Whether it be starting from a clean slate and transforming it into something you’re proud of or just developing the already existing space and to the flow that you want.

You can trust when we went to design a space for you because we keep in mind the budget and your timeline, not our timeline. It is about what timeline you have set and the strict process that we have developed allows us to keep on this timeline, even using contractors and builders on larger projects. Many clients have expressed to us about how long a design process can be or it exceeds budget restraint, so we pride ourselves on having a process that allows us to keep this in mind 100% of the time. An example of this that is mentioned on our website as well is a space we have designed in Southampton, New York. We were able to design and oversee the entire project from here in Florida. It took everything from space planning with the architect, to designing the kitchens and bathrooms, to creating the 3D rendering with the interior set of plans, and refining the Millwork details of the cabinetry, to the final Furnishing and installation process. If you are head over to our portfolio page you can view some of these projects and new home renovations.

Call at 561-408-8030 or head on over to the website, which is for more information about booking, services, design ideas, and anything else you can think of. We have it all for you and are just waiting for your call and booking appointment!

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At Interior Designers Jupiter FL we love to hear unique designs. If you think you have a vision that is difficult to do, we will thrive in creating that exact vision for you. We thrive when there is a problem or out of the box thinking. You bring your idea to us and we grow it and make it become a reality. Making dreams a reality is what our business is all about. That is why you should choose Jennifer Lynn as your go-to for making your vision a reality. Everyone here are out of the box thinkers and will tailor your experience with us the entire project, start to finish.

Interior Designers Jupiter FL has a philosophy that we live by. it is to never design the same project twice, which is what we preach when we say each client is their own individual self and no projects are the same. Each home should be as unique as the person that lives in it and all of our versatile designers understand this a thousand percent. We want clients to have a firm Vision on what they want and if they don’t we wish to get them inspired from our past designs or come up with something completely new. It can just be a word that you want the design and space to invite to people.

Interior Designers Jupiter FL Has a lot more to offer than just designing spaces. We also offer interior design consultations, Upholstery, and Window covering measuring and installations. you don’t just have to book us if you want an updated design or have a design vision. We also are very precise and creative with our window installations. For example we offer Blind and shade functions, such as automated, blackout, Energy efficient, light filtering, and even child and pet friendly. Anything you can think of for your window needs, we can do it. We base ourselves on being able to do anything the customer can think of. All this is possible for you so don’t be afraid to reach out and get started with us. We treat our clients as friends and family.

As I have said, we are skilled at all design Styles here at Jennifer Lynn interior design and this design company does not have a specific look. We always tailor the design of what the client is looking for and do not include any of our own personal ideas or opinions unless asked for. We do everything from modern to traditional to innovative or not yet created. Do not be afraid to reach out with your ideas and dreams so we can make them a reality. Our team is here to assist you in any way possible even if it is just to chat.

You can visit and check out to book with us immediately and start making your dreams a reality. Also give us a call at 561-408-8030 To talk to one of our team members about your vision and getting started today!