We believe that You deserve to have an amazing project experience from beginning to end here at Interior Designers Jupiter FL and when you work with us, that’s exactly what you get! One of the things that we do best is getting to know your family and your taste that is unique to you so that we can design a space that is specific to your vision. We have a specific process that we will walk you through from start to finish.

We always start a new project by getting the details at Interior Designers Jupiter FL and we call that our programming phase. The design team will visit your home, take detailed measures, and discuss your initial budget and projected timeline. Because we do this we can start the new project and keep it on time. We have a project kicking off date that will consider all your needs.

One of the things that we will do in this process is develop your goals and vision. At Interior Designers Jupiter FL we will create mood boards and for plants to express our ideas and we will collaborate with you to explore all the different things that you are dreaming up. In this phase, the concept phase, we look for very Furniture elements, fabrics, finishes and textures. you will be presented with all of our initial ideas in the comfort of our studio and showroom. When the final proof budget is established then we can get started.

Next the detail design phase comes in to view your project now start speaking reality through presentation of our final floor plans along with the initial elevations. we will also present you with all the military and friendship selections that will become a reality. When this step is completed you will have a detailed design that includes all the samples, even your wall coverings, elevation drawings, picture selections, and tile. This is all part of the phase where we are helping you to build your new home from start to finish. We really do love design that is unique and a clean slate. This is where we thrive. We hope for a premium service and we create a space in home that is desirable.

When you are ready to start designing your home, visit Jenniferlynnid.com for a consultation and to start this process. or you can do so by calling 561-408-8030. When we have walked through all of the steps we will provide you with a detailed proposal of all the items. What proposals have been approved, we’ll begin the ordering process of all your materials. then we can get to the installation phase. We had all the details and sold the window treatments, wallpaper and art along with coordinating the Furnishing installations. The insulation may take two or more days to spend on the scope of your project. rest assured this is the most exciting part of the process! We encourage you to call us to help you!

Interior Designers Jupiter FL|steps to design

New home design is something that we specialize in at Interior Designers Jupiter FL because we have a well thought through process that works. We actually have six steps that we Implement along the way. We have the project kickoff or what we call the programming phase. Next we have the concept phase where we will go through your goals and vision and we will create mood boards and plan to express your ideas. In the next step, we will have a detailed design phase where we render all your designs and we will present you with all the material and furnish selections that you have for your new space.

We will then build a detailed proposal for all your items. Once proposals have been approved, we will begin the ordering process. We called this the procurement and project management phase. Here at Interior Designers Jupiter FL we can handle all aspects of the ordering process and we will have detailed purchase orders, tracking, and handling the receiving through the delivery to our warehouse.

you do not have to worry about a thing with the professionals that are available at Interior Designers Jupiter FL because we have a proven processing system. At this point you are ready for the installation phase. This could take two or more days to implement depending on the scope of your project. We handle all the details, installing the winner treatments, wallpaper and art along with recording the furnishing installation. This is the exciting part.

The most exciting day for the design team is the reveal. This is also the time that you will be excited as well and it’s all of what we’ve been waiting for and building together. We are so excited on this day because we have all worked together to make your dream and style come to life. where going right here from ready start now. We can handle your design in the beginning phase better than any leading competitor. If you are doing any major Renovations including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, game rooms, and powder rooms, you name it, we can renovate it and design it from scratch. New home builds are actually one of our Specialties and it is fun from beginning to end to take a clean slate and transform it into something beautiful.

When you are ready to design your new home visit Jenniferlynnid.com. We can schedule an appointment or a Consulting visit. You can do this also by giving us a call at 561-408-8030. This is your time to interview for your dream life. the things that you have been visualizing for your new home can become a reality. We have an excellent process as you can see from above that will help you with your space planning. We also have a 3D rendering system that will Aid in helping you see this come to fruition. you will no doubt be amazed by the work that Jennifer does. her design suggestions are spot on regarding your own taste.