It’s time to introduce you to the founder of the Best Interior Designers Jupiter FL, Jennifer. Drawing on a background in art, construction, and plumbing, Jennifer brings truly unique and functional spaces for life. A full-service boutique interior design firm that designs homes and commercial spaces from concept to completion all over the United States. Our mission is to create beautiful interior spaces that complement our clients personality and lifestyle. We provide a hands-on experience that makes all the difference in helping our clients envision what their spaces can become!

We are able to be the Best Interior Designers Jupiter FL because the Jennifer. She noticed that there was a gap in the marketplace for designer that can be versatile enough to implement many different styles of design efficiently. She recognize that most designers were not able to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients and tended to gravitate towards their own style aesthetics and market trends rather than bending to the clients desires. Jennifer Lynn interior design was created as a result of this gap in the market. And since then, and Jennifer has been able to utilize her years of experience and expertise in plumbing and interior design to provide an excellent customer experience for many clients.

Our whole team is driven with a passion to be the Best Interior Designers Jupiter FL. And it literally starts with Jennifer. From a very early age, she enjoyed painting pottery and working on her grandmother’s pottery wheel. This began to feel her ambitions towards art and design. She began college at Harrington College of design in Chicago, which was the first major step in her 15 year career in design. After she graduated with a bachelors of fine arts degree in interior design, she was quickly hired by the Kohler Corporation to design interiors and bathrooms. After 12 years with Kohler, Jennifer was ready to start her own design firm.

Jennifer is in a passion for construction and the more artistic side of design has contributed to her reputation as an exceptional designer. He worked over the years on new construction design, full kitchen and bathroom renovations, plus furnishings and decorating has uniquely qualify Jennifer and her team to provide outstanding service and expertise to clients looking for projects in these areas. Jennifer’s clients report that she is able to create spaces that are truly functional and totally unique by using her strong understanding of what design elements are needed and what questions to ask your clients.

If you are interested in meeting with Jennifer to discuss your next design project, whether it be a full home design or renovation, or perhaps even a single room design, or kitchen and bath design, then please reach out. You can reach out via phone at 561-408-8030 today or go to our contact us page on our website into website and fill the form there’s we can reach out and schedule a consultation. There is always excited to talk with new clients about their design dreams!

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Jennifer Lynn interior design was created as a result of a gap in the market that led us to be the Best Interior Designers Jupiter FL. We were able to utilize this gap and years of experience and expertise in plumbing and interior designed to provide an excellent customer experience for all of our clients. In the beginning, our founder Jennifer, did everything on her own out of her own second bedroom at her own home. And within the first year, she was able to hire design assistant. In the second year in business, she expanded again by hiring another designer to help me client needs. Then expanded again in her third year and was able to put together an amazing design studio for clients to visit and see examples of the types of works that our team can do.

Now let’s meet some of the Best Interior Designers Jupiter FL team members. Let’s start with Felicia. She has a passion for design and couldn’t see herself doing anything else escalation point but originally, she graduated from Florida State University with a bachelors of science in criminology and a minor in psychology. After graduating, she soon realized her interest late elsewhere and that her passion was interior design. This is very apparent that she has always been very creative. She is a quick learner and always equal to learn. In 2019, she started at the Palm Beach State College and graduated with her Associates degree. But when she’s not in the design studio, Felicia enjoys spending time with her friends at the beach and her dog Jax.

The next team member from the Best Interior Designers Jupiter FL is Arielle. She described her design aesthetic as coastal modern. She loved the cool natural colors and textures that work well with Florida’s sunshine filled days. Her favorite part of designing new spaces is the excitement when the final product is revealed at summation point after moving to Florida, she attended Palm Beach State College and received her Associates of science degree in interior design technology. Before she joined our team, she worked as an assistant designer on various HDTV shows located in the Bahamas, Canada, and South Florida. Now, she is more focused on local residential interior.

Born and raised in South Florida, our next team member is Christine. She decided to turn her hobby of interior design into her dream career. She then decided to study interior design technology at Indian River State College while also working as an assistant designer with Jennifer Lynn interior design. As she was growing up, she would come to be watching HDTV shows instead of the regular card teens that normal kids her age would watch. This is one of the things that truly sparked her love for design from such a young age. Plus, one of her earliest childhood memory is includes helping her dad with renovations of the home she grew up in. This is why she decided to make interior design her dream career.

We would love to meet you and make it part of our team. Let us take all of your design dreams and make them into reality. You can contact us today by calling 561-408-8030, or at any time by going to our online website answer website. And please look free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We are always more than happy to help.